Monday, March 30, 2009

Great quote from Vonnegut

Came across this fine observation by blogger Roger Aiken • published March 29, 2009

When a friend recommended I read a book by John Bogle, I picked out the wrong book. I found two great stories, however. The first addresses the situation our country is currently in. Bogle tells a story about a party given by a rich hedge fund manager and attended by authors Kurt Vonnegut and his pal Joseph Heller. When Vonnegut informs Heller that their host makes more in one day than all of the book sales from Heller’s popular “Catch 22,” Heller responds, “Yes but I have something that he will never have……enough.” We find ourselves in the mess we are in today because few people ever have enough.

From Hank: Amen, Kurt.

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Strange Sailor said...

This also brings into perspective the sentiment of enough. Is having enough satisfying? or disappointing? When I think of enough, it means to be completely satisfied, but it also brings to light the idea of no longer striving towards anything. When you have enough, do you resign?